"I do not create what you want, but what you didn't know you wanted"

For Giovanni, it is the Classics, pure and elegant, that best adapt themselves to the needs of modern times and those to come. Their timelessness and linearity of form furnish a fertile terrain for the development of functional and revolutionary ideas. Giovanni uses digital technology to create and manipulate shape, giving birth to a new vocabulary of design that is based on the transformation of geometry. He develops innovative techniques for the utilisation of traditional materials. Rejecting the frenzy of modern times, Giovanni chooses an antique Victorian hand-press, to laboriously sculpt leather into a three-dimensional print, which is unwonted and inimitable.

GIOVANNI VALENTINO outlets epitomise the genius of this designer and are so extraordinary as to have been praised by international publications of architecture. The products are exhibited according to a new sense and use of space, which deliberately overturns Cartesian geometry. Luminous, ultra-light structures of steel and fine mesh create a juxta-position of light and shadow that, interacting with the objects displayed, donates sensual and dynamic mobility to the area.

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