Three generations, the grandfather Vincenzo, the son Mario, the grandson Giovanni, write the success story of the Valentino family. Indeed in 1908, after a period of professional training in Paris, Vincenzo returns to Naples to found the first VALENTINO fashion house. The great talent of this designer is soon recognised in Italy and abroad. His creations rapidly become the aspiration of an international clientele that includes not only the Italian Royal family and Caruso, but also Josephine Baker, Greta Garbo and Fred Astaire.

In the early fifties, Mario takes over the family business and follows in his father's footsteps with great enthusiasm and remarkable talent. Thanks to the stylistic attributes of the youth, in 1954, VOGUE France dedicates its cover page, for the first time in history, to a creation bearing the griffe VALENTINO. His collections win the acclaim of press and public at the fashion shows of Rome, Milan and Paris and the brand boasts the most distinguished clients of the international 'jet set'.

Today this unique and prestigious heritage is preserved in GIOVANNI VALENTINO, a griffe that unites avant-garde creativity with the treasured skills of artisans, maintaining and enhancing this precious family tradition.

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